Modern moral panic

The controversy just won’t stop. As has been explained a thousand times before, the airport massacre level in Modern Warfare 2 is skippable and doesn’t involve you having to shoot anyone at all; you can just hang back with the rest of the rabble and follow them through the mayhem. Not that it matters of course, because it’s just a game and no-one actually dies.

That hasn’t stopped copies of the game being recalled in Russia, where the authorities haven’t taken too kindly to the level at all. Infinity Ward has patched the PC version of the game so it leaves out the level completely, while a new version of the game with it completely censored out will be ready for retail soon.

This is quite apart from the grumbling about the game itself, with the Russians as baddies plot-line causing more than a few people to get a little bit irritated. These people need to remember what was said earlier. It’s JUST A GAME. Jeez. The video of the level is below, it's pretty gruesome, so if you're squeamish don't watch.

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