Mobster madness

There’s lots of Mafia 2 news floating about the place today. First of all is the announcement of the game’s demo, which will be put out as a lovely free taster on 10 August for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. According to CVG it includes the ‘Buzzsaw’ level, in which you, playing as Vito, and your mates Joe and Henry are sent off to whack some mob heavyweight called ‘The Fat Man’.

Elsewhere, a full 15 minutes of gameplay footage has been released for you to have a gander at, which you probably shouldn’t watch if you don’t want little plot spoilers to ruin your experience. However, we love finding stuff out early, so count us so in on this video, and you can sit back and let the knowledge that we know more than you eat away at you until you have to give in. You’re pathetic. The full game is released on 27 August in the UK.

Mafia 2 15min Gameplay
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