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Mobile wireless broadband is the newest way of surfing the internet whilst on the move. The user buys what is known as a dongle from an agent such as O2 or Vodafone, plug it into your computer's USB port and as easy as that, you are connected wirelessly to the internet.

There are a number of companies currently offering this service. There are two different packages available when purchasing wireless mobile broadband from a service provider. The old fashioned way of paying your bill via direct debit on a monthly basis or the newer pay as you go option.

This is especially popular with the younger generation who don't want their bank accounts being charged. It requires the user to buy a set amount of credit and then top up the dongle as you would with your mobile phone. For an agreed amount of money, you will be given an allowance of what you can use or a time period before your credit expires.

Some of the best deals on the market at the moment include:

T Mobile - Free modem, 12 month contract, 15GB of data allowance per month, £39.99 every 90 days

3 - Free modem, 24 month contract, 15GB of data allowance per month, £15.99 per month

T Mobile - Free modem, 18 month contract, 1GB of data allowance, £7.99 per month

Vodafone - £9 modem, 1 month contract, 2GB of data allowance, £15 per month

There are loads of different packages similar to the ones listed above. To find out a package that suits you, simply go to a Google search and browse through the different providers. Otherwise you can check out broadbandgenie.co.uk



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