Mobile web use soars in UK, January stats out

Nearly 6 million web users in the UK accessed the internet from a mobile device in January alone this year, according to recent stats from comScore and Telephia - 67% of which were men. To put into some kind of context, 30 million in the same period accessed the web via a PC.

This means about a fifth of the web community are already dabbling in what mobile services are on offer. Impressive stuff. Read the comScore press release for full details.

The BBC's website was the most popular destination, with 2.3 million unique visitors that month; the other sites making the top five were Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Sky.

Kanishka Agarwal, vice president of mobile media at Telephia explained “the advantage that weather, sports and news sites have over other mobile web sites is that they provide up-to-date information that consumers need quickly, anytime and anywhere”.

It's still early days, with issues like mobile web access tariffs, content available and handset suitability to iron out, but WebTwitcher thinks there's going to be a huge rise in demand from consumers for content on the go.


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