Mobile Smartphone Displays: Apple iPhone 3gs Colour Screen

Advances in technology as well as economies of scale have made it possible for consumers to have a range of choices to purchase mobile phones. Manufacturers have produced an array of choices for smartphones. The display features on a mobile phone is a major factor in the decision making process when buying a mobile phone. The mobile smartphone apple iphone 3gs colour screen is a graphic user interface display which provides for a computer style viewing experience.


The iphone 3GS comes with a liquid crystal display (LCD). It is a touch screen that is resistant to scratches. The colour display has a 640 x 960 resolution at 326 pixel density. The screen offers an 18-bit colour depth framework. Within this framework, there are 64 intensity levels of colour that are mixed together to form a range of pixel colours. A 24-bit colour level is possible through the use of an emulator. This level is the same quality that people see when watching HD television.


The Apple iPhone with respect to display has an excellent performance. The mobile smartphone apple iphone 3gs colour screen can produce high quality images through a graphic interface. The bright screen adds beauty to the pictures you are viewing and this is because of its high ambient lighting. The images appear fine and detailed for a clearer view. Although it has a small colour gamut and low colour saturation it offers a benefit by saving on battery power. This also allows for features such as being able to adjust the brightness settings.

Screen Inputs

Users may wonder how they are able to speak on the phone using a touch screen display. The iPhone is sensor activated. There are 3 sensors that allow the phone to work in a variety of functions. When the phone is brought up to your face while making phone calls, the proximity sensor is activated. The phone changes to accept the output of voice on the other end of the line and inputs from the caller. This feature saves on battery power. The phone also features an accelerometer. When the phone is turned on its side, the screen adjusts to view at various angles. This allows for easier web browsing and viewing photos. The other sensor includes GPS software. This allows for the phone to know the location you are in by latitude and longitude.


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