Finding the cheapest mobile phones for sale without contract

Unfortunately, due to the agreements mobile phone manufacturers have with service providers, it's often tough to find mobile phones for sale without contract. You'll either have to sign up for a lengthy and often expensive contract, or else pay a premium for a "Pay As You Go" model. However, there are a few places online you can pick up phones without these limits.

For starters, if it's an iPhone you seek without a contract, then the good news is that they cost just as much on Pay As You Go as they do sim-free from Apple's online store. You can visit the store at store.apple.com/uk, here you will find the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 priced exactly as they are locked into mobile networks on Pay As You Go, so you are much better off buying them sim-free from here.

If it's other types of phones you seek, then we have no hesitation pointing you towards Clove Technology, who you can find online at clove.co.uk. Clove specialise in sim-free smart phones, with all of the latest models from Samsung, HTC and Motorola available for extremely reasonable prices. In most cases, the price you pay from Clove for the sim-free phone will be better than the price you are being quoted from providers for phones locked to their network, so for us it's a complete no-brainer!

Check out Clove today - they even deliver outside the UK, so no matter where you are in Europe, they'll deliver to you. They're the best site on the internet for reasonably priced phones!

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