Mobile phones for sale on eBay: how to get the best deal

Interested in mobile phones for sale on eBay? We reveal the best tips and tricks for avoiding con artists and getting a bargain.

  • Bid or Buy it Now? One of your first decisions when buying mobile phones on eBay is whether you would like to bid for the phone or to buy it immediately. Bidding will usually result in a lower price, but keep in mind that the item may ultimately go to someone else.
  • Is the seller international? Many mobile phone sellers are based in the Far East, where lots of phones are manufactured. Many people are unwilling to bid for international items, so this really is a great chance to pick up a bargain. There are, however, a few things to consider. Is the seller reliable (see next point)? Will they post to the UK? If so, what method will they use and how much will it be? Will there be a customs charge for importing the phone? Is there a returns policy? Are you in a rush to receive the goods? Are the mobile phones counterfeit?
  • Does the seller have good feedback? There are plenty of genuine sellers who are new to the word of eBay, and hence haven't built up a high feedback score. However, when you're investing in something like a mobile phone, you may want to opt for more experienced traders. A high positive feedback score shows that they are genuine sellers and can resolve any problems that arise.
  • What is the postage charge? Even local sellers can bump up their asking price with high charges for postage and packaging. Remember to consider the total price you will pay before committing to buy.

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