Companies offering mobile phone trade in comparison

Are you running a little low on cash and idea on how to rectify it? More and more companies are starting to offer cash for your old mobile phones, so if you have a couple of old mobile phones cluttering up in your house, then we check out companies offering mobile phone trade in comparison.

Following the rush to trade in your old gold for cash, mobile phones are the next product to get similar treatment. A lot of companies are offering quotes on the phones, but they often aren't nearly what the phone is worth. For real value, we recommend checking out what is on offer from CEX at http://uk.webuy.com/.

CEX have been in the business of buying phones, and their site is the perfect place for you to check out as they list all of their prices up on there, so you can get a quote without having to even submit your phone. If you do decide to sell, you won't have to mail off your phone either, as they have a huge number of retail outlets around UK High Streets, so you simply walk in with your phone and sell it to them on the spot.

CEX obviously carry out a detailed test on your phone when you bring it in, but if it is in good working condition, you can expect to get a great price for it. To give an example of the money to be currently made, CEX are offering to buy a 16 Gb iPhone 4 off you for £243 cash, or else for £303 store credit, representing a phenomenal deal to you.



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