Check out this pay monthly mobile phone provider comparison.

The type of tariff you have for your mobile phone is almost as important as the phone itself these days. Thanks to the explosion in popularity of smartphones in the last few years, things like data plans have become more important than ever for those of us who want to use our phones to their maximum potential.

However it's also worth remembering that a data plan isn't everything... you'll also need to use your phone for some of the more mundane tasks, such as making calls and sending and receiving text messages. Despite the fact that we can now stay connected with the web around the clock, many people completely forget about how important it is to be able to make old fashioned contact from time to time, and often end up paying over the odds for their calls because of this.

We're going to take a look at the very best voice call deals available for those of you interested in a pay monthly contract deal as part of our ongoing mobile phone provider comparison.

We find that most people will use their phone for between 300-500 minutes per month, but with the difference in cost being negligible, we have decided to focus on offers that include between 600 and 800 minutes.

The best deal on the table comes from Talk Mobile who offer 750 minutes plus unlimited texts for just £12 per month, while Virgin Media offer 800 minutes with unlimited texts and unlimited data for just £20.43 per month (making it our recommendation for multi purpose users).

The best deal from Orange is 700 minutes to any mobile network plus unlimited minutes to any landline and 100 texts for £25 per month, and Vodafone can offer its users 800 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts and 750MB of data usage for £38.50 per month.

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