Mobile phone popcorn viral videos faked

By now most people will have seen the videos of different groups of friends making popcorn with their mobile phones on YouTube. While the videos look amazing and have probably led to thousands of people trying to recreate the action at home, according to a physics professor it's not possible to cook popcorn with your mobile.

Speaking to Wired, Professor Louis Bloomfield said that the heat generated by a mobile phone is not enough to cause the water inside a popcorn kernel to explode. The Prof suggests that the videos were created by clever editing or a hidden heat source.

Wired goes onto suggest the most likely source for the popcorn videos: a viral advertising campaign. There are four videos, two American versions as well as French and Japanese editions all posted by two users called bobtel08 and benzin513.

The mobiles in the videos seem to be either Nokia or Sony Ericsson handsets but both companies have so far denied that the videos are part of a marketing strategy. The mystery remains unsolved.

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