Review of Mobile Phone Operators in the UK

With most mobile phone operators in the UK you'll find some companies who provide excellent service in one area but lack certain essentials in another. For example, Three provides the best free minutes on any contract but fails to provide the same network coverage of other providers. You'll need to shop around and decide what is absolutely essential before taking out a contract with any mobile phone provider.


T-Mobile is one of the oldest mobile phone operators in the UK. They provide the latest models with competitive monthly prices and an good network coverage, but have been known to lack good customer service quality and inaccurately bill some customers. They offer a credit limit to keep bills under a certain amount for contract phones and are so far the easiest mobile phone provider in the UK to get a contract with. T-Mobile have been known to take on customers with adverse credit whilst other companies wouldn't, which makes them a brilliant provider for any with a bad credit rating and rejection from other companies.


O2 is an all-round excellent mobile phone provider in most cases. Their contract price and standard isn't always up to scratch with other companies but they have an excellent network coverage and tonnes of benefits for pay as you go customers, such as a set of free minutes for every top up (including your top up minutes) or free internet. As far as pay as you go mobiles are concerned, O2 is one of the best mobile phone operators in the UK.


Three is a technological heaven. They offer the very latest mobile phones on the market with competitive rates, considerably cheaper than other providers in most cases, and the most amount of minutes for a contract than any other provider. They also provide excellent deals on internet coverage, but their signal quality is renowned for its poor quality.


Orange are another one of the oldest mobile phone providers in the UK, offering great rates and packages for the latest models at generally competitive prices. However, the quality of customer service from Orange is said to have dropped to poor levels of the past few years causing problems with billing, price plans and mobile repair.

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