A Mobile phone exchange comparison

Mobile phone exchange comparison

When conducting a mobile exchange comparison, its important to not only compare the price offered, but also the service they provide. This article should go some way to allowing you to establish which site is best for you.

Mazuma Mobile

This site is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious of the mobile exchange sites and is regularly advertised on television as offering a quick, easy service which is environmentally friendly. The site prides itself on its quick service where they state that you will be able to receive your payment on the same day as receipt of your phone. They also promise a free mobile data delete tool to ensure that your contacts, messages and photos are deleted upon exchanging your handset. Mazuma Mobile also state they will reuse 95% of the phones exchanged in developing markets where the price of a phone is often unaffordable.

With regard to the prices they offer for your phone, a 16GB IPhone 4 can be sold for an impressive £265.00 and at the lower end of the market, a Nokia 5800 can be sold for £50.00. Throughout my analysis of each site, I will compare the prices offered for these two models to establish which offers the best price.


Envirofone is another huge mobile phone exchange site and is also frequently advertised on television as being a reliable, trustworthy service. As you may have gathered from the name of the company, Envirofone places great emphasis on helping the environment and promise that the large majority of the mobile phones they collect will go on to have another life providing they are recovered. They pride themselves on having offset 3,000 tonnes of carbon as a result of offering the service they do.

With regard to the prices they offer, the 16 GB Apple IiPhone 4 will sell for £265.08, marginally more than what Mazuma Mobile offer. The margin is even smaller for the Nokia 5800 which they value as £50.06. You will receive the full price offered from Envirofone providing there is little damage evident to the phone. There are three options of how to be paid, either by Argos vouchers, Paypal or a straight transfer of the money into your bank account.

After making a comparison of the two major mobile phone exchange websites, it is evident that the service they both offer is close, but have distinct advantages over each other. If you prefer to receive more money, albeit a matter of a few pence, then Envirofone is the exchange site for you. The site also seems to place a stronger emphasis on its help for the environment so if this is an issue you are particularly conscious of, then again Envirofone is the better site for your requirements. However, Mazuma Mobile offer a fantastic service where you will receive your money quick and efficiently, and you are after a speedy process, you are urged to choose Mazuma mobile to exchange your handset.

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