Mobile Firefox coming to a phone near you in 2008

For once playing catch-up, the Mozilla Foundation has announced that a mobile phone version of its Firefox browser will be available in 2008. Both Opera and Internet Explorer have been available on mobile phones for some time, and the iPhone brought Safari to the party, but Mozilla VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer seems confident that won’t be a problem.

“People ask us all the time about what Mozilla's going to do about the mobile web, and I'm very excited to announce that we plan to rock it,” he said.

There’s nothing like a bit of geek braggadocio to whip up some excitement, and features including Firefox extensions and tabbed browsing are already generating lots of buzz among the digerati. The new browser is expected to be available to phone manufacturers some time in 2008.

(Image: from striatic’s Flickr stream) 

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