Mobile phones: a faster browser for you

If you have a mobile, then a faster browser will make things easier for you when multitasking using your phone. We explore some of these browsers to make surfing on the net while on the go a seamless experience. Take note that there are several browsers that might meet your needs. Try each one so you can have the browser that you really want.

Browsers to consider

Surfing on the go can be quite tricky, but if your mobile has a faster browser than what is currently installed, then you can be efficient and effective. We run some of the browsers you can use:

  • Super Fast Browser

This browser is blazing fast. It is also light at less than 400k. It has a new speed dial, user interface design, tab overview and allows you to save your last session dialogue. Super Fast browser has other awesome features such as tab support and voice search. The best part is, there are no annoying ads whilst browsing.

  • Puffin Browser

If you are annoyed that you can’t watch your videos, Puffin Browser might be the answer. You’ll be able to see flash content such as videos and movies. In addition, you can play games whenever you want when your mobile has a faster browser. Puffin Browser has a great loading speed and you can download to the cloud and watch anytime you want. Puffin works on both Android and Apple devices.

  • Maxthon browser

Maxthon works on Android platform. It’s not only fast but also smart putting it at par with Opera, Chrome and Dolphin.

  • Mozilla

Firefox for Android phones is a fast browser. It is apparently a lot better than the stock browser that the phone came with. Opera Opera has plenty of updates and extensions – a total of 15 of them. If you want a faster browser, you can try Opera.

Improving productivity

Indeed, there are many new things you can try if your mobile needs a faster browser. A super lightning browser will make work on the go less of a chore and help increase your productivity. Whilst it is true there may be a lot of bugs that exist in new browsers, app developers are constantly on the move to improve things and enhance user experience.

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