Finding mobile broadband in Europe on pay as you go

If you are thinking of hitting the continent and you are wondering if your mobile broadband will work, then we've got all the answers right here. If you follow our tips you won't be one of those horror stories that racked up mega bills on mobile broadband in Europe on pay as you go. So let's check it out.

Whether it's through a wireless dongle, or the mobile broadband on your mobile phone, trying to use your internet connection while abroad can be an extremely costly process. The data you use won't count towards your usual monthly allowance and will be charged, per MB, at an extremely higher rate.

The first thing you can do before you depart is to find out exactly what your mobile provider charges per MB while you are roaming. Depending on your company, you may even be able to set up a cap on how much you can spend while abroad. Different providers do this differently. O2 apply the cap to all roaming, both inside Europe and elsewhere. Vodafone apply the cap to the whole of Europe, not just the EU. BT Orange and Virgin apply the cap in EU countries only.

One way we recommend getting around all of these nasty charges is simply to pick up a pay as you go mobile broadband dongle at your destination. These can often be bought for around 10 or 20 pounds, and will cover you for all of your internet surfing needs while you are abroad. There's no obligation either as they are pay as you go models.

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