Mobile banking moves and Googlephone rumours

Good news for Barclays customers. You can now check your bank balance no matter where you are on your mobile, by logging securely on to Barclays.mobi. The site's been specially optimised for viewing content on mobile devices so now you'll never go overdrawn again while out painting the town red, will you? Ahem.

More on the mobile front. Rumours abound (again) that Google is about to launch its own brand mobile network in the UK. Speculation says that it will become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) using infrastructure from O2.

WebTwitcher wonders, when it finally does happen, if Google will run a competition to design their signature mobile device, like they do with the Google logo? If so, I would like to propose a large holographic screen that pops out of the device when you need a large viewing area.

...think it's a crazy idea? So did I till I searched for it on the web. Turns out people are working on solutions like that already - see a story from Silicon.com back in the old days of 2006. Hey ho, must think of something more original...


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