Clamshell. Portrait slide. Landscape slide. Candybar. Whatever this is.

There are almost as many mobile phone shapes as there are mobile phone models.

Well, now there's one more. Samsung have just announced the Zeal, a new phone boasting not one, not two, but three (!) screens.

Screen 1 is the main screen. Screen 2 is an outside screen for checking the time and who's calling, like with most flip phones.

Screen 3 is the keypad. Yes, Samsung have decided to eschew physical keys or an on-screen keyboard in favour of a dedicated e-ink touchscreen. Why is it e-ink? We really have no idea.

The clever part is thus: the Zeal has a dual hinge, which means it can be opened in either portrait or landscape position with the screen at the top in both modes. The keys on the touchscreen re-orientate themselves to match.

So we guess that's kind of cool. But still, we can't help but feel that Samsung's designers got kinda over-ZEALous on this one. (Sorry.)

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