Minority Report creeps ever closer

Hey, remember Minority Report? The otherwise faintly forgettable Spielberg film is remembered by geeks for a scene where Tom Cruise does some crazy nonsense with data by waving his arms at a screen.

Cool, eh? Well, this slightly odd reality is getting gradually closer. Last year we saw the introduction of Kinect, Microsoft's ultra-successful XBox add-on which lets you control games just by waving your arms and legs around. The next step is going from gaming to computers. Rumour has it that Microsoft is preparing to introduce Kinect software for Windows, and we reckon Windows 9 - if not Windows 8 - will have a lot of gesture control built-in. But who wants to wait for that? PC maker Acer want to bring the Minority Report world to your living room, now.

Hence the new Aspire Z5763. This horribly-named all-in-one PC looks like the perfect thing to set up in your living room in lieu of a TV: it's packing a respectable 23" screen and can play 1080p video - in 3D, nonetheless. But the really exciting thing is 'Acer AirControl.' As CNET explains:

AirControl can detect the movements of your hand or fingers and can translate those into commands. "Just wave your hand in front of the desktop and the media control interface is launched," says Acer. You can then move your hand over various icons to adjust volume, rewind, fast forward, play, pause or stop media.

It'll be out any minute now, for £1000, which might sound like a lot until we tell you this thing is packing 16GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive. Make no mistake - this would seriously pimp your living room.

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