Rumours are swirling about a cut-down iPad being released next year - though we reckon that's probably baloney. What seems entirely feasible, though, is a smaller iMac.

After all, the smallest iMac currently available has a 21.5 inch screen, bigger than most PCs, and it's £999. So when China's DigiTimes - a reliable source of previous predictions about future releases, based on sources within Chinese manufacturing companies - says the iMac is to get 'a new panel size and a price point for the mainstream market', it sounds totally feasible to us.

The MacBook Pro, Apple's flagship laptop model, is also to get updated with a revised chassis design, apparently. That too would make sense, as the MacBook (regular) was recently updated but the Pro hasn't had a bump for a while. It'll be interesting to see whether Apple brings the SSD-based, hard-drive-free storage of its recent MacBook Air to the Pro.

All of this means, of course, that that shiny new Mac you're getting for Christmas will soon be out-of-date...

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