Some Secrets About Mini HDMI Cable

As anyone who has bought a HDMI compliant device in the last few years will attest, it can be quite an ordeal to find the right HDMI cable - at least if you listen to some of the nonsense spewed by sales assistants blinded by the promise of a hefty slice of commission from your transaction. No doubt you'll have seen the huge variety of both brand and price in the HDMI cable market, especially since the advent of the newer, more slimline . Mini HDMI connections.

Known to techy types as the Type C connection, the Mini HDMI cable is becoming more and more common within portable devices thanks to the fact that it requires less space on the machine. Built to the HDMI 1.3 specification, the Type C variety contains the 19 pins of a standard HDMI, but shrinks the original's 13.9 x 4.45 mm dimensions to more designer friendly 10.42 x 2.42 mm. With Mini HDMI has come a slew of new obstacles for the savvy buyer.

The main thing to remember when buying any HDMI cable, not only Mini HDMI, or the even newer Type D, Micro HDMI, is that the D in HDMI stands for Digital. That means that the system either works or doesn't. Don't be fooled by sales reps who try to convince you that the gold-plated cable costing ten times more than the no-frills one will do a better job. It won't. Digital systems work by sending streams of data from one device to another, for the likes of HDMI any failure in the signal will result in a complete lack of data transmission. You won't get better picture or sound with a more expensive cable - like all HDMI cables you'll simply get sound and picture, or no sound and picture. There is no gray area.

The only time it might be prudent to splash out a little extra, would be for better quality wiring if the cable is going to be in a high traffic area and there is danger of damage to the cable itself. A good example of this would be a games console that is regularly moved from one location to another; the constant plugging in and unplugging of the cable may cause wear, which would become noticeable much quicker in cheaper products.

So next time you're cable shopping, make sure to insist on a more affordable solution and don't be held to ransom under false pretences!

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