Considering a Mini Camcorder?

The mini camcorder is an electronic device offering the ability for users to record, edit and playback video. The main feature of the mini camcorder is its portability. Many mini camcorders are so small that they can fit in your pocket. Other features include the ability to shoot HD (high definition) quality videos as well as upload video to your computer, playback video on your television and customize the video with custom template solutions.

Zoom Size - Review the mini camcorder optical zoom features. The higher the zoom rate, the more improved image quality you will have. Zoom rates go from a power of 2X to 4X in most mini camcorders.

Features - When evaluating mini camcorders, select one that offer sample storage features. Storage features can include SD cards that are replaceable and expandable. Other features to include are hard drive storage. This means that the camcorder has a built-in storage device when saving media files.

Screen Display - Camcorders that have a large screen allow for convenience and viewing of video. However, the main functions of the mini camcorder are to quickly take video and upload it for editing and playing. Display screens are typically LCD screens that can not get scratched.

Types - There are various brands of mini camcorders. One brand that is high in demand as a portable camcorder is the Flip Mino video camera. The camera weighs only three ounces and the main feature has a pop-out USB drive that can be plugged into the USB port of a computer. These are compact, rectangular styled cameras that can quickly take video and easily upload to a computer. Panasonic also created the Panasonic SDR-H85 hand held camera. This camera features an 80 gigabyte media hard drive and can record 75 hours of video.



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