Minecraft cheats, codes and unlockables

If you're finding yourself stuck on Minecraft and want to get further, particularly in Survival Mode, you'll need some help. The following Minecraft cheats, codes and unlockables should help you to keep playing the game you love by giving you more items in your itinery and even help you build a snowman.

Duplicate items

If you'd like to duplicate items in Minecraft, follow these stages.

  • 1: Put item in your inventory
  • 2: Drop item (note that the more items dropped, the more items will be duplicated)
  • 3: Pause and click "Save and Quit To Title"
  • 4: Play the world with dropped items
  • 5: Pick up items
  • 6: Pause and then wait of the world to save
  • 7: Exit Minecraft
  • 8: Open Minecraft again to enjoy all your extra goodies

Stick to edge hint

This is a useful hint that some gamers haven't yet realised is possible. When you're crouched, your character can't walk off the edge. You'll just stick to the edge if you accidently go too far.

Quick inventory drop

When you take items out of the crafting table or chests, use shift + left-click to put the item and everything that's attached to it into your inventory quickly. You can also left-click and then right-click if you'd like to take items out of the crafting table hastily.

Making a snowman

This is one of the best Minecraft cheats and hints because it's so simple. The creatures are called Snow Golems in the game and they're produced by placing one snow block on top of another and then adding a pumpkin to the mix. It's that simple.

Final word

As Minecraft is an open world game with no specific goals for the players to achieve, you need some hints, tips and cheats to help you navigate it successfully. Don't feel that these Minecraft cheats are ruining the game or making it too easy because they're just a way of keeping you involved when you would probably have given up with it.

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