Milestone alert

Thinking about whether to get an iPhone or an Android phone? One big factor is the number of apps available. Apple's iOS has allowed external development for longer, and was the dominant system for some time, so lots of apps like Instapaper are still iOS-only.

As with so many things in the Apple-Android battle, from specs to sales, Android has been slowly catching up. And just as in market share, so in apps: now it's overtaken.

Well, sort of. What's happened is that, according to some analysts called Distimo, there are now more free apps available in Android's app store than there are in Apple's. Android has 134,342, to be exact, while Apple - across the iPad and iPhone - have 132,239.

Now, this is just free apps. And it's long been a quirk of the smartphone wars that Android users are less prepared to pay for apps, so many apps that carry a small charge on iOS are free on Android - Angry Birds, to give one high-profile example. And don't forget that the Android Market isn't policed like the iOS App Store, so there's also just a certain amount of total crap in there.

But still, this is big news, and marks another small milestone in the long journey towards Android domination. Now, if only someone could make an Android tablet people actually want to buy...

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