Mighty Mice

The humble mouse is widely considered to be on its way to the scrapheap, with newfangled inventions like Apple's Magic Trackpad assumed to be replacing it.

But for hardcore gamers, who need both precise control and the flexibility of buttons, the mouse can't be beat - though it can be improved upon. Hence this new duo of crazy, souped-up mice both specially designed for massive-multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing games like World of Warcraft.

Maker SteelSeries has the contract to make official WoW merchandise, and has just released its latest offical WoW mouse, the 'Cataclysm'. It has a stupidly large number of buttons, and looks as much like a medieval sabre as a mouse can, we guess.

If numbers are your thing, though, you could try the also-just-released Razer Naga, which has a full number pad on the side and comes in a nifty wireless charging thing which makes it look a bit like one of those ridiculous £150 electric shavers. (Hence the 'Razer' name?)

So basically, if you're a MMO freak, now's the time to 'trap' yourself one of these new mice. (You're fired- Ed.)

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