Microsoft’s toilet humour

With the general release of Vista Service pack 1 just around the corner, we’re loving Microsoft’s new advertising strategy.

It’s low tech, low cost and takes advantage of the universal habit of reading on the loo.  Yes, that’s right, toilet paper throughout Japan now boasts a list of SP1 features.

Well, we did wonder if Vista was going down the tube…

Service pack 1 is Microsoft’s fix for the issues bugging Vista users. Adding the fix should let files copy faster, improve speed of JavaScript sites and generally sort out those irritating performance features. We hope.

We have to admit, SP1’s actual contents are quite hard to pin down. There’s a white paper from Microsoft, but honestly, who reads these things? A description that fits on a sheet of loo roll would actually be really nice.

Sadly, though, it seems to be a Japan-only strategy. UK users will have to rely on more traditional means of information transfer.

The whole thing has left us feeling left out in the loo-roll department. So we recommend these mildly unsettling dispensers instead. Less techy, but way more stylish!

(Image: from iwantoneofthose.com)

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