Microsoft Word Office 2011- A Review

If you are looking for the ultimate word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software Microsoft Word Office is, as it has always been, the place to go.

The 2011 edition of Microsoft office is, essentially, the 2010 version ported over to Mac OSX, which is the operating system that Apple computers run on. It features the same functionality of its predecessor but thanks to the fluidity of Apple's magnificent OSX runs substantially smoother and faster then it's Windows equivalent.

The package comes with Word, Excel and Powerpoint in its basic form but for an extra couple of bucks you can get Outlook (Microsoft's E-mail/contact/calender management system) as well. Although there are not as many programs as there is in the Windows version you will find that it is more then enough to cover your everyday usage and in fact less is more.

The programs come with a slightly updated look so that they fit in on their new hip Apple desktop home. They still use the very controversial ribbon menu system that Microsoft introduced in the 2007 edition of Office. I for one am in favour of the ribbon system but there is no denying that if you are new to it you will have to spend some time finding where things are. Once you are used to it though it will make simple tasks such as changing style or adding tables much simpler then the previous maze of menus and sub menus.

All in all Microsoft Office 2011 is a worthy successor to the prestigious Office brand and in finally making the transition onto Apples burgeoning OSX platform Microsoft have paved the way for Mac users all over the world to have the same access to powerful office software that PC users have enjoyed for over a decade.

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