Is Microsoft Windows Ultimate for you?

With Microsoft Windows Ultimate, you get it all. Ultimate is the most powerful edition of Windows 7 available. Combining the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of Professional, this edition of Windows cannot be faulted.

You can now encrypt your data with BitLocker for that added sense of security. This extra protection will protect your files against loss or theft. With Windows 7 Ultimate, everything is simplified with new navigation features such as shake, snap and jump lists. As with all Windows, personalisation is important and there are many themes to choose from. You also have the option of choosing from any of the 35 pre-installed languages.

Microsoft Windows Ultimate is also designed to urge your PC to act quicker and now options such as sleep and resume happen almost immediately. Ultimate makes it possible to watch shows for free with internet TV on the all new Windows media centre. Sending media from your PC to other devices on your home network is also supported.

The premium edition of Windows 7 can be purchased from the Microsoft online store which can be found at emea.microsoftstore.com/uk. If it is just an upgrade from the standard edition that you require, it will cost you £199.99 to download. If the full package is required, this will cost £229.99 to download.

You will also find Windows 7 Ultimate for sale on Amazon.co.uk. Here, you can choose to buy this software from an individual seller rather than a company. Prices are much lower and you can purchase the full package for as little as £84.99.

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