Microsoft unveil Windows Phone 7 Mango

With the roaring success that Android has been over the last couple of years, the Windows Phone 7 OS has been somewhat left behind, clearly third choice behind Android and the smartphone king, the iPhone. However, Microsoft are looking to hit back with a new OS on some state of the art new phones, and there is some interesting stuff to see.

Called Windows Phone 7 Mango, which is hardly the sexiest of titles, it’s trying to make it a more integrated experience, like the multi-tasking you find on Apple’s machine. Here all you need to do is hold down the back button to find all of your running apps, and instead of an icon you see an actual screenshot of the thing, so you can see exactly where you were when you last used it. What we also like is the way the phone integrates messaging and contacts through Windows Live Messenger, text messaging and Facebook. It’s something that other OS’s could definitely be improved by. Take a look.

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