Microsoft unveil Tomb Raider gameplay

It looks like E3 is going to give us some serious goodies this year: we've already shown you the entirely CGI trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot, and now Microsoft have shown the gaming public proper gameplay footage from the start of the game.

As we already knew, the game will be far more grittier and a world away from the cartoonish, balloon-boobed Lara Croft adventures of yore. The developers have clearly taken some cues from the Uncharted series, as the footage is extremely cinematic; in fact in some places it almost feels like a movie in being played, rather than a game, as scripted incidents thwart your progress temporarily, but don't seriously threaten your life.

However as initial sequences go, this one is a corker, as you find yourself struggling with lack of light, the threat of drowning and weird wolf-men creatures, and traverse a nice variety of platforming puzzles, before you have to race away from ground that this is falling away at your feet as youn escape. Check it out – it looks like a hell of a game is on the horizon.

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