Microsoft unveil the Kinect

Microsoft have finally officially unveiled the Kinect, the device people had been calling Project Natal for the past year or so, showing casing the whizzy motion sensor control that they hope will bash the living turd out of Nintendo’s Wiimote, sending that console to an early grave. Unlikely of course, and they will have to compete with Sony’s Playstation Move, which will most likely have the advantage of being better.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t give any of the journos crowding the event any hands on time and we don’t have a price for the device yet, but we do now know that it will be coming out in November. We also have a tentative list of games that will be made available for the Kinect when it comes out, some of which look intriguing, and which you can see here. Lists bore us.

One of the highlights was a Star Wars game in which you get to play a Jedi charging at Stormtroopers and deflecting laser bolts with your light saber – a Star Wars geek’s wet dream – which even though it looked heavily scripted, should be a great laugh. The biggest disappointment was that many of the multiplayer games took the ‘one person at a time’ route, which kills the buzz of volleyball with your mates, we feel.

As yet the jury is still out, although if more games like the Star Wars one come out we’ll be happy. But Microsoft and games developers must start making games with more freedom, otherwise Kinect will end up an expensive gimmick. In the meantime, why not check out this super cheesy launch video?

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