Microsoft TV?

Ah, we love it when a new kind of technology goes from 'weird folly' to 'everyone's doing it.' The launch of Google TV a few weeks ago meant Apple were no longer the only big name trying to establish their gear as a fixture in your living room. But neither Apple TV, which Steve Jobs calls his 'hobby', or Google TV, which has had mixed reviews, seemed like it was going to set the world alight.

This, though, could be different. Reuters reckons that Microsoft is in talks with various TV companies about launching some sort of TV service, probably to be provided through the XBox 360.

Does this mean a whole channel devoted to cheesy Windows how-tos starring old sitcom characters? Fortunately not. Rather, Microsoft TV - or XBox Live, TV edition, or whatever they'll call it - would probably let you watch certain cable channels over an internet-connected XBox without a cable subscription.

If this is true, it'll be a potential major new lease of life for the 5-year-old XBox 360. But don't get too excited - Reuters reckon it'll take a year to get going.

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