Microsoft to relaunch its search engine Bing.com

Microsoft is set to relaunch its rebranded search engine Bing.com in an attempt to overtake its nearest rival Yahoo. A beta version of the search engine will go live in the US later this before being launched later worldwide.

While most new search engines claim that they are set to take on the market leader Google, which boasts over 64% of the global market, Microsoft are targeting Yahoo, who currently enjoy a 20% share in contrast to Microsoft's 8.2%

According to the software giant, Bing will understand the intentions of search queries and thus deliver more relevant results. Paul Stoddart, Microsoft UK's search team leader, hopes that the new site will create an "emotional connection" with its users.

"Google haven't been able to innovate a lot of the UI (user interface) because they have to display their ads as that's how they make their revenue. We can try things a bit differently," Mr Stoddart told the BBC.

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