Microsoft takes on the Magic Mouse

Good ol' Microsoft. The world's second-most-valuable technology company got overtaken by Apple for a reason: it's getting a bit slow on the old innovation front.

A case in point is the new Arc Touch Mouse. Don't get us wrong - this new slice of kit is impressive and very, very sexy. Its wide, curved surface allows for multi-touch actions like two-finger scrolling, while it flattens down for easy transport, making it ultra-portable.

Decent stuff. There's just one problem: Apple introduced a multi-touch mouse, the Magic Mouse, way back in 2009. In fact, it's already all-but-replaced it, with its new Magic Trackpad.

Still, if you're on Windows the Magic Mouse isn't an option, so this new Arc Touch could be just the ticket for advanced, er, mousing. It should be out in the UK soon for around £50.

Keep on trying, Microsoft. You'll catch up eventually.

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