Microsoft Tablet review

The Microsoft Surface Tablet is Microsoft's newest addition to the tablet PC market, running on both ARM and Intel systems. With an integrated stand and keyboard to switch between using the gadget as a laptop and actual laptop PC, the Microsoft Surface Tablet boasts the best in sleek design and computer performance, also available with the all-new Windows 8 system.

Microsoft Surface Tablet - Overview

Microsoft Surface Tablet - running the new Windows 8 operating system on ARM and Intel - is a ultra light weight, 10.6 HD screen tablet which has brought Microsoft back to the forefront of the tablet PC market.

Against its competitors, Microsoft's Surface Tablet has a few extra features no one else considered - like a full-sized USB port most tablet PC's don't have and an integrated, sleek kickstand to easily use the tablet PC as a laptop or simply used propped up.

Another innovated design by Microsoft is the additional keyboard. Whilst competitors like Asus were the first to offer a keyboard with tablet PCs to enable them to work like a laptop, other designs were bulky and an additional hassle to carry around. However, the Microsoft Surface Tablet keyboard is, like the tablet itself, sleek in design, versatile and incredibly light-weight.

Aside from featuring clever extra additions compared to other tablets, the Microsoft Surface Tablet is a sleek, light-weight design and extra thin, especially in comparison to Apple iPad products. Angled edges and magnesium smoothed surfaces on the tablet make it easy to hold and use.

Coupled with a sleek design, the Microsoft Surface Tablet uses a bonding process for the design of its screens which, although it can result in more expensive product, produces optimum results and resolution, particularly for products that boast high definition screens. Glare is minimized, texts becomes clearer and an improvement in contrast makes the decision to use bonding a particularly good call on Microsoft's part.


  • Light weight, versatile but still with a sleek design.
  • Innovative new features that aren't available on other tablet PCs.
  • Full HD screen resolution with crystal clear display.
  • Two version of the tablet available - Microsoft Surface Tablet Pro on Intel and Windows RT on ARM systems.
  • Integrated stand.


  • Not released yet and Windows 8 systems have not been used by customers.
  • Bonding process used to make the HD display screen could result in extra costs.
  • No 3G, only Wi-Fi connection.
  • Storage options are limited to 64GB.

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