Different types of Microsoft Software

Microsoft is an international company dealing with development of computer software. The company is best known for its operating system software called Windows. Software is a program or application used to perform certain tasks in a computer system.

Apart from Windows, Microsoft has other utility software that is manufactured, distributed and licensed as packaged software or pre-installed on computer systems. Utility software is a program that allows users to easily perform routine tasks. Utility software is used in production environments such as office work to boost productivity.

Microsoft software is far and away the most common type of software on computers around the world. The most popular of Microsoft's software is is the Windows operating system.

Presentation Software - Presentation software is a program used in computers to organize and display information in the form of tables, charts and graphs. A popular Microsoft program used in presentations is called Microsoft PowerPoint. The software comes packaged as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. The current version of the program is Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. The software consists of individual pages that can be used to add, edit and present data or information in the form of text, movies, graphics and sound.

Presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint are created using slides on a projector or published on the web. The major purpose of Microsoft PowerPoint is to organize data and create quality presentations through the use of graphs, tables, charts and data.

Desktop Publishing - Desktop publishing software creates and publishes documents such as magazines and newspapers. The use of desktop publishing software can be found in the college dorm, small scale news agencies and large media companies. Companies such as the New York Times, and Time Magazine are two media companies that avidly use desktop publishing software. Microsoft software used in desktop publishing is called Microsoft Publisher.

This Microsoft software is considered an entry-level software in desktop publishing. It comes as part of a package in the Microsoft Office Suite. The current version of Microsoft desktop publisher is Microsoft Publisher 2010. The desktop publishing market is dominated by other players besides Microsoft. Competitors include Adobe InDesign and QuarkPress.

Contact Management - Contact management software works as a personal organizer. The role of contact management software is to facilitate the tracking, recording and management of all types of personal information. This is often used by businesses that have sales teams. Companies call this business practice customer relationship management and use contact management software to manage contact management tasks.  Microsoft software that performs these tasks is called Microsoft Outlook. This software comes as part of a package in the office suite. The latest version is Microsoft Outlook 2010. Microsoft Outlook is commonly used as an email application but also contains calendar, task manager, note taking, contact manager, web browsing and journal tools.


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