Microsoft Points Generator

Microsoft Points Generator programmes are designed to reel out codes to allow Microsoft users to 'redeem' unlimited amounts of points for use in the Microsoft store. However, many of the points usually don't work on a users account, and the practice is considered highly illegal with potential legal action involved from Microsoft as points are sold by the corporation for cash.

What are Microsoft Points?

Microsoft Points are used to buy things from Xbox Live Marketplace, Games for Windows Marketplace and videos or music from either online stores. You can also easily purchase games for your PC or Xbox using Microsoft Points, eliminating the need to enter credit card information.

What is a points generator?

A Microsoft Points Generator is a tool used to generate Xbox live codes, which can then be redeemed on their sites for points. If you find a generator that works, which many don't, you can buy anything from the Xbox live store.

How does the generator work?

You'll need to download the generator from your own source, which should be available for various developers across the internet. Once you download a Microsoft Points Generator, install the programme. Be aware that some may contain viruses, trojans and malicious software as they are not from verified sources.

Once you've downloaded the Microsoft Points Generator, you can select the amount of points you want and the level of 'protection' to prevent your account from being blocked. Not all generators will have this feature, however. Once you have your code generated, sign in to Xbox live and enter your 25-character code in the 'Redeem Code' section.

What kind of penalities do point generators carry?

When you download a Microsoft Points Generator, you'll leave your computer at risk of malicious spyware, trojans and viruses as the software won't be from a reputatable source. Furthermore, Microsoft has begun cracking down on users who generate point codes by banning accounts. In severe cases, as Microsoft 'sells' their points and users using Microsoft Points Generator programmes as effectively using free money to buy games, Microsoft can take further legal action.

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