Microsoft Office - The essentials

Microsoft Office is a commercial office suite of interrelated desktop applications. Introduced in 1989 by Microsoft, it has become the world's most popular office suite on the market.

Microsoft Office 2010 was released in June 2010 and is the 13th edition that has been launched. The main applications of Microsoft Office are as follows:


Microsoft Word is the world's most efficient word processor and is considered the main program in Office. Word includes a built-in spell checker, thesaurus, bullets, tables and a dictionary among hundreds of other easy to use applications. The user friendliness of this product ensures that the user can easily produce documents in a matter of minutes.


This is a commercial spread sheet that features calculation and graphing tools. It uses a grid of cells to organise data and to solve arithmetic operations with thousands of built in mathematical formulas. Excel can be used for engineering, statistical and financial purposes .


This popular presentation software is also included in the Microsoft Office suite. Slide shows are created, using texts, graphics and movies. Powerpoint is a must-have for anybody who is required to make presentations, either at work or as part of their studies.

Some models of computer will have the full Office suite installed at purchase, but most will include a free trial which then requires an activation key in order to continue using the services. Activation keys can be purchased anywhere that Microsoft Office is available to buy.

Microsoft Office is available to buy from all good computer stores as well as being readily available to purchase online. Prices start at £109 from the official Microsoft website which can be found at Microsoft's website.

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