Microsoft Office Home and Student edition

So you have got into the course you wanted and you setup for the student life: the hip and trendy clothes, the new mp3 player even the retro but cool comic book bed covers. Anything missing?

How about something that is going to make your entire student life a thousand times easier? How about a tool that will save you hours of time writing and rewording essays, hundreds of pounds budgeting your expenses and allow you to present those big ideas for your student body president campaign in a clear and decisive manner?

That is where microsoft office home and student edition comes in. Microsoft office has gone from strength to strength over the years, the classics of Word and excel have been given microsofts "ribbon" treatment which makes navigating and editing your documents easier then ever before.

As well as that they have made a bundle specifically for students with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote at a heavily discounted price of £110. It will pay for itself a hundred times over though as it makes your time in college a breeze. The less time you have to spend editing your essays the more time you can have partying with your new found college friends.

Microsoft office home and student edition is a must buy for all students or people who have a need for the basics of office software. It is available from all good retailers and of course online from Microsoft, you even get a 60 day free trial!

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