All you need to know about Microsoft Office for charities

If you're involved with the running a charity, it might be possible for you to save some serious money by investigating what's on offer from Microsoft as part of their programs for charitable organisations. There is real potential to save on software costs, reducing your operating overheads dramatically.

The way it works is that Microsoft offer qualifying charities the ability to purchase individual licenses that will work on a single software package, rather than requiring them to buy multiple copies of the software itself. Not only does this save massively on the software itself, but they also offer much better rates for the software licenses for charities than for non charitable organisations making it a double whammy of savings.

In order for your charity to be eligible for the Microsoft Office for charities scheme you'll need to hold official charity status, which must be verified with Microsoft before any reductions can apply. The scheme does not apply to any government organisations or charities however, nor does it apply academic institutions, healthcare facilities or hospitals, political organisations, individuals or any organisation that does not operate solely for charitable purposes.

On top of the reduced prices for the software, Microsoft also offer their Software Assurance scheme for all licenses purchased through their programs for charitable organisations. This Software Assurance helps to ensure that you have access to all the benefits, support, training and tools that are associated with a given Microsoft product.

So if you are involved in a charity and think that it might be eligible for these reductions, you can check out more information at www.microsoft.com.

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