The all new Microsoft Office 2010

It's hard to believe that it is almost a year since the launch of Microsoft Office 2010. This edition which is also known as Office 2010 is the 13th edition of the Microsoft Office Collection. The experts in the industry are delighted with the outcome and predict it will become the best-selling edition to date.

One big difference with Office 2010 is the introduction of Office Starter 2010, which replaces the old Microsoft Works. Starter 2010 consists of Microsoft Word and Excel which have limited functions and include advertising. The option is readily available to upgrade to the full version of Microsoft Office 2010. This is not a free trial and you do not have to upgrade, this is simply supported by advertisements.

Microsoft Office 2010 offers powerful new ways to help you reach your potential - at home, at college or in the office. It has something for everyone. Some of the benefits in this new edition include:

  • Improved media editing features for better presentations, with one of the eye catching new backgrounds and effects.
  • Office 2010 is now simplified with features like Backstage, which replaces the old traditional file menu.
  • Options such as save, share and print can now be found with no effort.
  • New Paste features with preview options.
  • New broadcast slide show in Powerpoint 2010.
  • Breaks any communication barriers that existed before.

For anyone who wishes to purchase a full version of Office 2010, you should visit the Microsoft official website which can be found at emea.microsoftstore.com/UK where there are versions to suit everyone's budget.



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