Microsoft Office 2010 Dublin training courses

If you're in any way conscious about your future career prospects then you'll know that it always pays to update your knowledge and skill set on a regular basis. When it comes to computer software this is even more important, as a new iteration of most programs will be released at least once every two or three years.

These new versions often add brand new features never before seen in the series, as well as taking away some features you might have been familiar with. In addition to this, they usually move things around or make changes to the layout which can make it hard to maintain the high level of productivity that your work requires.

The best solution to this is to enrol yourself in a course to explain the new features of the latest software to you, while also teaching you a whole host of techniques and approaches you may not have been familiar with previously.

In our search for the best Microsoft Office 2010 training in Dublin, we found one name being mentioned time and time again. They were www.professional.ie who offer a huge range of IT training courses for anyone wishing to update their computer skills. Based in Pearse Street, Dublin 2, they offer a number of very specific Office 2010 training courses.

Depending on what area you work in, you probably won't need to cover each piece of software in the Office 2010 package, freeing you up to instead focus on whichever one you mainly use. In most cases, this tends to be Excel, Access and Outlook.

Professional.ie offer foundation, expert and advanced training courses for each of these pieces of software, with many more courses available on request.  Each course lasts one to two days and costs €195 and up. For more information you can contact Professional.ie directly at 01-6627700.

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