Microsoft Office 2003 Software - Office Antivirus API

The API library was developed my Microsoft to prevent computer hackers or malicious files from taking advantage of vulnerable Microsoft Office 2003 software components. The API library contains a set of function calls for software developers to create additional security measures in antivirus software checking systems optimized for Microsoft Office (including file extensions and documents).

Antivirus software using the API library scans all known Office file types for virus signatures or malware traces. When a Microsoft Office 2003 software document is opened, the antivirus software will automatically scan the file for virus signatures suggested in the API library.

If a macro is executed in the Office document at anytime, antivirus software using the API library will attempt to scan the macro for malicious activity; if a virus is detected, the antivirus software will block the document from opening or disable the macro. Users are also warned by the antivirus software if a Microsoft Office 2003 software application or file displays virus-like behaviour as detailed in the API library.

Microsoft Office 2003 software doesn't include any antivirus software by default. A third-party antivirus software, which indicates use of the API library, must be downloaded instead. You can check if your antivirus software is compatible with the API library by looking at the "Settings" of the software, the webpage you downloaded the antivirus software from (under "Features") or by contacting support staff. If you want to enable macro security in Microsoft Office 2003 software, open each Office application, select the "Tools" tab, select "Macro" and click "Security" to enable some form of macro security (either "Low", "Medium", "High" or "None").

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