Microsoft downloads, it's all about Windows Live!

<p>Thanks to Windows Live Microsoft games downloads have hit an all time high. Windows Live offers a very simple way to download games directly to your PC with ease and speed. There is very little you need other than an account and a credit card to start buying the latest Windows Live releases.</p>

<p>Basically what Microsoft have done is make a version of the ever popular Xbox Live system except for, you guessed it, this version is for Windows users.</p>

<p>Thanks to Xbox live, gaming has become a truly online experience. It is for this reason that Microsoft have decided that PC games deserve a little bit of the 'Live' treatment. Great online gaming made easy!</p>

<p>Microsoft added achievements to Windows Live enabled games. This gives the players extra incentive to keep playing the game. It is a great way to keep people playing. DLC is also much easier to get your hands on now as it all goes through the 'Live' system.</p>

<p>Now you basically have a marketplace where you can browse through all the latest releases, try out demos and buy extras for your games. Windows Live just makes the whole act of playing games and purchasing them online a very simple and fun process.</p>

<p>Matchmaking and adding friends is now just a few clicks away. Everything can be done in seconds and it all works super smoothly. Windows Live is a great addition to Windows based gaming and is only getting better. Be sure to check it out and get more enjoyment out of your online sessions when you use microsoft downloads.</p>

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