Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer egged in Hungary

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer was attacked by a crazed egg throwing combatent during a visit to a university in Hungary yesterday. The angry protestor accused Microsoft of stealing money from Hungarian taxpayers before hurling a number of eggs - it still hasn't been clarified if they were hard boiled or raw - in the vicinity of the software giant's chief executive.

Luckily Ballmer ducked for cover in a strategically placed titanium reinforced foxhole before any serious damage could be done. Hungarian eggs have been known to be lethal when thrown in the limp wristed manner witnessed in the video below.

Ballmer's assailant illustrated that in the war on dairy product throwers the enemy is everywhere. The unlawful egg thrower appeared like any normal supporter of Microsoft, apart from the slogan 'Microsoft=Corruption' written in gigantic letters on his back.

The attack comes ten years after a similar attempt to strike at the heart of Microsoft was made when a Belgian unlawful pie thrower attacked Bill Gates' face with a cream pastry. The war on dairy product throwers continues.

Steve Ballmer gets egged Bill Gates gets pied

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