Microsoft buys Skype

Earlier today rumours were flying around the place that Skype had been bought by Microsoft, which caused much flapping and phone calling in the tech world. So we can confirm that the rumours are true, with the computing giants snapping up the internet calling company. Even Twitter is seeing Skype trend, meaning that it must a be a big deal.

Bill Gate’s lot took control of the company in exchange for a whopping $8.5billion (£5billion), in the biggest deal they’ve ever done. Yes, that’s billions of pounds. The service has 663 million users worldwide, but even so the size of the fee has shocked many: the company ‘has barely bumped along on profitability’, according to The Guardian, and it has debts of $686million. Curious; why would they spend so much on something that makes so little money?

‘Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and a wide array of Windows devices, and Microsoft will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities,’ said Microsoft in a statement. ‘Microsoft will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms.’

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