Microsoft apologises for Hotmail black out

The measuring system used to sequence events, better known as time, came to a halt on Tuesday. Undisclosed technical issues prevented people from accessing Hotmail for an entire day. The future of the human race seemed uncertain.

But luckily, those crazy egg headed boffins over at Microsoft were able to stitch back together the mansized hole in the space time continuam. Today Bill Gates and the boys issued an apology to grieving users.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said, "we are aware that some customers may be experiencing difficulty accessing their Windows Live accounts." This after half of the western world had been unable to access their daily dose of Viagra ads on Tuesday.

The talking Bill Gates shaped statement added, "we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disruption this may be causing our customers."

Office workers the world over have had to actually get out of their swivel chairs and have face to face meetings. The horror. The horror.

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