Microsoft announce a new Xbox Development Kit

If any of you Xbox 360 owners were worried that your machine was starting to creak a bit, and that Microsoft were going to concentrate their efforts on a newer, faster, better console, you needn’t worry: they’ve just released a new development kit (XDK) for their developers, which they say is significantly cheaper and more efficient than previous incarnations.

The new XDK has more RAM, larger hard disk drives, comes with built and flash memory and is smaller, and anyone who picks one up will be able to license a Sidecar attachment, which allows debugging and disc emulation. Said Sidecar can be shared between XDKs, which lowers the cost of creating, testing, debugging and finally releasing an game for Xbox 360 or Xbox Live Arcade. Sounds good to us – we might even start developing ourselves. (We won’t.)

‘Microsoft is known in the industry for providing easy-to-use tools that allow developers to create high quality games without a huge time investment,’ said Xbox Advanced Technology Group's principal program manager Pete Isensee. ‘Now we're offering those tools at a lower cost to reduce their monetary investment as well.

‘The redesigned Xbox Development Kit is also an indicator of our continued investment in the platform; it is one piece of our ongoing programs to support Xbox 360 for years to come.’

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