Microsoft and Google do battle

The war between Google and Bing is hotting up a tad. Microsoft and Google are both at the TechCrunch 50 conference in San Francisco, with both companies there to try and tempt people onto their search engine.

Microsoft premiered their Bing Visual Search, which lets you search the web (well, popular categories like ‘digital cameras’ at least) with a gallery of thumbnail images. Once you’ve done that you can hover over an image to fill the search box and re-order the results. It’s pretty swish.

Google meanwhile, showed off its Fast Flip feature, which is a super-quick way of looking through the day’s news, showing the viewer complete tiles of web pages, with pics and everything. The number of partners in this service is limited, but it does include the BBC, and hopefully as it becomes more popular more sources will sign up. Is Bing really ready to take the crown from Google? Probably not, but at least there’s a rival again.

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