Michelle Marsh turns Page 3 talents to music

Out today is former Celebrity X Factor contender Michelle Marsh's debut single I Don't Do.

You can read an 'in-depth' interview with her in today's Sun, but die hard fans of the busty blonde will no doubt be wondering where to find her online. There are several MySpace pages ascertaining to be the real deal, but WebTwitcher is unsure which is the genuine article. The same question also applies to the young lady's age, which ranges on her websites from 20 to 25...

Anyway, small age discrepancies aside, WebTwitcher has been scouting around to see if there are any blogs authored by the popular page 3 babe, but to no avail. It appears imagery, rather than words is her forte. If you are interested in the new music video, check out 'the making of' on YouTube, from our friends over at Nuts magazine.


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