Merry Christmas iPhone users

A leaked image of the BBC iPlayer application for the iPhone has surfaced, and if it’s to be believed it’s going to be bloody brilliant.

The iPlayer is already available to iPhone users but only allows streaming of programs through a website. However, the leaked still image shows a surprising download option. Yes, we said download. So as well as being able to stream your favourite Beeb shows via the wi-fi network you’ll be able to download them for watching/listening on the move.

Another interesting addition is the ability to be able to interact with any specific show. The demo image shows Radio 1’s Chris Moyles’ breakfast show being streamed with a ‘send Chris a message’ tab in the top right hand corner. You could, for instance send him a ‘stop talking and play some music’ text if you were in a polite mood.

It’s not known if the forthcoming app will work over the 3G network or not just yet, but we’ll only have to wait till the end of the year to find out when it is expected to be released.

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